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I decided to create this blog to do what everyone else does on the internet, Bitch about stuff that annoys them. From Movies, Life as a Yankee living in the South, Conversations I've had with people, Observations about random things. As always I plan to do this all in my unique sarcastic euphemistic way.

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Idiots We Work For!

Ok, by now, if you read this blog at all, you know that I'm outspoken and will pretty much say anything. I'll indict anyone for any reason. Basically I'm not afraid to raise my Bullshit Flag!

So I was think/bitching to myself about the fuckin idiot Manager/Supervisors we work for out in the workforce. My Bitch is basically this:

As a Manager/Supervisor/Leader we cannot be successful in any endeavor that we undertake without the people who work for us. It is the success of the collective team that contributes to the success of a manager. The problem here is, in my experience, 90% of these managers (I will use Manager(s) as the title of the collective group to mean supervisors/leaders and managers from here on out) are not aware of this fact. It is the work of those whom they supervise who make them successful. Most of them are too busy worrying about making a name for themselves or getting their asses chewed for not meeting some deadline to understand this basic concept.

When I was an NCO in the Infantry several years ago one of the most important intangible principles of leadership is "The Led" meaning those whom you are in charge of. You must take care of them first. When you have subordinates (I hate to use that term) you must take care of them. This does not mean always giving them their way, but it means knowing them, their strengths and weaknesses, their likes and dislikes. By knowing these things about them, you then know how to best communicate with them and motivate them.

It should also be noted that a subordinate will go to further lengths and work harder for someone whom they feel has their best interests at heart. Of course the opposite edge of that knife is true also. If we as the work force feel that all you, as a manager have only your interests or your superiors interests in mind and at heart, we are less willing to go that extra mile for you. It truly is a symbiotic relationship. If you don't care about anything but yourself and your own ass, then I don't care if that ass gets chewed. Of course they like to remind us that "Shit rolls downhill". Which is a somewhat valid point. The reason it is only somewhat valid is this. If I am making $8.50 an hour, I have an easier time quitting and finding a new job of the same or near the same wage. You as a manager on the other hand, have invested more time and energy to make it to where you are than I have. So simply up and going to seek your fortunes elsewhere is not necessarily an option in your mind. (I personally have been on both sides of this argument, so trust me I know a bit about it)

I guess the point I'm trying to make is this, if you take care of your people as a manager, they will in turn take care of you. You need them to do the job and you need to be able to rely on them to get the work that needs done, done. If you don't take care of your workforce, they will not give a shit about your needs and deadlines. Excuses will be made and the most minimal effort to get the job done will be given, because they know that you don't care about them, so they in turn don't give a shit about what needs done. If you don't believe me, take a walk through your local Department store (i.e. Walmart, Target, or even Kroeger). Look at who is working hard when there are no managers around and look at who truly cares about their job.

It goes without saying that some people have a strong work ethic regardless and will take pride in their work. But those same people will find other ways to circumvent the system, they'll read and understand the policies and how they apply to them. Intentionally using those same policies to stick it to their managers when ever and where ever possible.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Here we Fuckin Go Again!!!!

Well, I am certain that I'll ruffle a few feathers and piss people off here but I've had about enough!

There was an earthquake in Japan. Apparently an 8.9 on the Richter scale. That's pretty bad.

So I'm on Facebook and I see post after post about prayers going out, etc. etc. to the Japanese. Disgusted. I'm absolutely disgusted.

My view is that in most cases it's hypocritical compassion. For some I'm sure that it's sincere. But let's look at it realistically.

The U.S. will no doubt send millions of dollars in aid to Japan, which is still one of the richest countries in the world. Loosely translated, they don't need it. Celebrities will no doubt champion relief funds for Tsunami survivors. The "Global Village" will respond with money, time and numerous fund raisers to help these people who lost their homes, possessions and loved ones during this NATURAL disaster.

Now as someone who has survived a NATURAL disaster (Hurricane Rita) which left us (My wife and I personally) without power for 9 days and water for 5 days along with hundreds of other military families, as well, as tens of thousands of civilians in the area. None of those celebrities who raised funds benefited me or anyone I know a bit. The federal government (FEMA) was worse than the Hurricane itself and though the nation sent their prayers it didn't do a damn bit of good.

It is my opinion that you can save your lip service prayers and "Heartfelt concern" for those suffering from this disaster. Sorry to sound cold but posting your thoughts and feelings on a social networking site do nothing more than make you feel better. I can promise you that the people affected by this don't give a damn about your neo/pseudo/hypo christian prayers. They want power, homes, their things and loved ones back.

Now, far be it from me to simply bitch about things without giving some sort of solution or alternative solution. So I say Fuck the Japanese survivors. It's a tragedy true. But here in our own country we have families torn apart by a war. many families are suffering from the loss of loved ones, both emotionally and financially. We have American Soldiers on food stamps to feed their families. Poor, Homeless and drug addicted Americans that need to be taken care of, financially, morally and psychologically. We have hundreds of illegal aliens coming to this country daily, sapping the public assistance system and filling our prisons.

We have a social security system set up to take care of our senior citizens and many of them still have to work to make ends meet. But the bleeding heart liberals will cry a fucking river if we don't send aid to the Japanese. I'm sorry but let's make a reality check here. We have our own problems in our own country and until our own house is straightened up and the way it needs to be. Fuck everyone else. Why can't we as Americans take care of Americans then worry about everyone else? Why do we as a country feel the need to be police and rescuer of every other country when it is doing stupid shit or has had some natural catastrophe occur?

As an American, I am a patriot. I spent 8.5yrs serving this great nation and I love it. We have real problems, but they are our problems, we need to solve our problems then worry about everyone and everything else.

So the way I feel is; Until we take care of US, meaning the U.S. Fuck everyone else!