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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hard Freeze!

Now, having spent roughly 23 years of my life living in Pennsylvania, about 17 miles north-west of Pittsburgh, I've seen some miserable winters. I've listened to an untold number of weather reports as well. So now living in Beautiful (Italics denote sarcasm) Leesville Louisiana, I heard something recently which made me say, "What the fuck is that?".
The Term "Hard Freeze" is a new concept to me, it's almost a new southern Buzz Word. Being as analytical as I am, or anal as some call it (Hmm...Anal? Chuckle) I had to find out what this buzz word that's being throown around near water coolers and in break rooms across Louisiana was about. So like any true lazy ass, I googled it! The results had me non-plussed:

1: Freeze Warning - Widespread temperatures at or below 32 °F (0 °C) during the growing season. A freeze may occur with or without frost. A hard freeze occurs with temperatures below 28 °F (−2 °C)[Source Wikipedia]

2. Hard Freeze —A freeze in which seasonal vegetation is destroyed, the ground surface is frozen solid underfoot, and heavy ice is formed on small water surfaces such as puddles and water containers. [Source American Meterological Society website]

Now having grown up, in the North East where temperatures regularly go below zero every winter, I found it odd that I'd never heard of this. In Pennsylvania, the weather people tell you to bundle up because it's gonna be cold or friends will say "Yinz better bundle up t'night cuz is gonna be fuckin cold!"

So mystified was I that I thought about this concept for while, Hmm.....Hard Freeze?
Well when I was a child and teen, we'd say things like, "It's 19 degrees, so we're going to Economy park to go tubing tonight!" It regularly dropped below 28 degrees and we thought nothing of it! Happens all the time. Not sure how many games the Steelers have played in where the temp was below 28, but I'm certain that it's alot!

So I have come to this conclusion a Hard Freeze is simply another way the sensationalist media is making another attempt to control the general public by scaring them into staying t home and helping to further stunt the economy of this ever downward spiraling nation.

My final Hypothesis on a Hard Freeze is this, it's colder than usual, so my advice? Get a warmer coat, buy some warm gloves, dress in layers, wear a hat, and go do whatever it is that you were going to do, because it's nothing to be afraid of! You pathetic, media driven, mindless lemmings!

I need to go find my inner-tube now and go tubin, cuz the weather's right!
Nevermind, I live in the south......NO SNOW OR HILLS!

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